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Birthdate:Aug 1
Location:Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hallo, I am Sunhawk!
sparkle to me, flamesprite and dragon friend ;)

I write, I draw, I paint, I dream, I read, I laugh, I make stuff up. Sometimes I just don't make any sense

And, since it's come up a few times now, NO i am NOT the Sunhawk who writes Gundam Wing fics! LOL I can't take credit for said writer's wonderful work, I just write bandslash and occasionally movie/tv slash ;)

I keep all my pretty things here:

my DeviantArt Gallery is here whee! I also have some art, custom books, and handmade jewelry for sale at my etsy store:

For those who tweet: flamesprite @ twitter

savage garden is love

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80's, age of electric, air, alan wilder, anime, ardeth/rick, art, artist rights, aslan, blinkies, brian molko, buddhism, bush the band, calleigh/eric, calleigh/eric/ryan, calleigh/ryan, catherine willows, catherine/nick/warrick, catherine/warrick, christian bale, colour, constantine, constantine slash, craft, crafts, csi, csi slash, csi: miami, daniel jones, danny messer, darren hayes, dave gahan, depeche mode, depeche mode slash, design, dodgy, dragons, drawing, duran duran, duran duran slash, eee pc, eee pc 4g, equality, eric/calleigh, eric/ryan, escaflowne, ewan mgregor, faeries, fantasy, fantasy art, flash, flower power, fonts, gavin/keanu, glam, glamrock, graphics, green, greg sanders, greg/nick/warrick, greg/warrick, griffins, griffons, group dynamics, gryphons, hana yuri dango, harry potter, hippogriffs, howl, howl's moving castle, keanu reeves, larry dixon, layouts, led zeppelin, legend, lj icons, lotr, mac taylor, magick, manga drawing, martin gore, mercedes lackey, mirrormask, moist, mushrooms, music, mythical creatures, narnia, nature, neil gaiman, nick stokes, nick/warrick, online social dynamics, owls, painting, phoenixes, photoshop, photoshop brushes, placebo, protection from bigots week, quadrophenia, radiohead, raptors, recycling, retro, ryan wolfe, ryan/eric, savage garden, savage garden slash, slash, sloan, social dynamics, star trek xi, stardust, stella bonasara, tarot, the crow, the cure, the dark crystal, the kids are alright, the who, there/once/was/a/note/listen, tommy, totoro, trainspotting, v, v for vendetta, velvet goldmine, wall-e, warrick, warrick brown, warrick/catherine, warrick/greg, warrick/nick, websites, who's next, wicca, william gibson, wolf's rain, wolves in the walls, yaoi
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